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O+P Fluidtechnik 4/2018

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O+P Fluidtechnik 4/2018


ICH BIN EIN PROBLEMLÖSER Enrico Raschi ist European Sales Director beim amerikanischen Hydraulikventil- und Steuerblock hersteller Hydraforce. Der Italiener beschreibt sich selbst als großer Netzwerker. Wir stellen ihn in unserer Lounge vor. Um seine Aussagen authentisch zu halten, haben wir auf eine Übersetzung verzichtet. MENSCHEN UND MÄRKTE Herr Raschi, bitte stellen Sie sich kurz vor. Wie sind Sie zu Ihrer aktuellen Position gekommen? Ihre Mitarbeiter sind über ganz Europa verteilt. Welche Auswirkungen hat das auf die tägliche Arbeit? I am 59 years old, married and father of three kids, I own a dog and a cat. I went to University in Italy and graduated as a mechanical engineer. At the beginning of my career, I changed jobs pretty often. I worked in the automotive, agricultural as well as the aeronautical industry. In 1992, I entered the hydraulic market as an engineering manager for the marine industry with one of Hydraforce’s major competitors. I stayed in that role for ten years before I switched to the sales department where I worked as a key account manager for costumers like Komatsu and CNH. And finally, in 2007, I made the move to Hydraforce. I began as Regional Sales Manager for Italy and after seven years, when we restructured our sales department, I was promoted to European Sales Director. This is a completely new work situation, not only for us. Years ago, when I was working as a team leader, everyone belonging to my team was working in the same building. We met each other every day and it was very easy to apply any type of leadership because you were present all the time. Today, it is completely different. My team, the European Hydraforce regional sales managers, are spread all across the continent. We are not working in the same building, we are not even working in the same country. This makes things more challenging than in the past. We speak regularly on the phone or video call. But even if I tried, I could not meet with every member of my team more often than maybe once every month. But that is not a big problem, because my team is well prepared for the job. They do not need me as a leader who enforces particular behaviors. They need me as a link to the headquarters or as a means of support if they need an expert for a particular task. And what is the most important, they need me as a source of feedback and approval as our regional managers are fighting on their own in their regions and that is not an easy task. It is important that they feel the support of the company and that there is somebody who cares about them. And that is my job.

„Es ist wichtig, dass meine Mitarbeiter meine Unterstützung spüren“ Enrico Raschi Was macht für Sie die Faszination Hydraulik aus? Was ist Ihrer Meinung nach die größte zukünftige Herausforderung für die Hydraulik? Hydraulics is a very special field of engineering. You need a lot of specific knowledge regarding the different applications. You have to know the physical rules, but more importantly, you need the experience from the field. But, currently, my work is not about hydraulics. I am a problem solver. If someone in our sales team or one of our costumers identifies a problem they come to me and I find the resources that will help them solve their problem. I really like to work with people, I like to organize my team and I like them on a personal level, too. We all have a really close relationship here at Hydraforce, it is like a family atmosphere. Of course, sometimes we will have tough discussions but this helps us to identify problems and to grow in consequence. I like this atmosphere, it is growth oriented and really exciting. In general, hydraulic drive technology is still organized in a relatively simple way. The biggest challenge in the future is the introduction of the electronics and the replacement of hydraulic actuators with electrical actuators. In the future, hydraulics and electronics have to work together as well as hydraulic and electrical actuators, there will be hybrid solutions. At the moment I do not see a risk of a complete replacement of hydraulic actuators as the power density cannot be replaced, especially in linear movements. We believe there are still large opportunities to grow as a manufacturer of hydraulic and electronic controllers. Thanks to the introduction of the electronics and sophisticate and precise movements that require more proportional valves and dedicated controllers we are sure to seize these opportunities in the future. O+P Fluidtechnik 4/2018 9


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